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Below are videos featuring exercises, workouts & tips to enhance your figure, trim your body, and accentuate your curves starting today! We add new videos throughout the month!

3 Weird Moves That Lift Your Butt

Hey! So in this video I want to show you three strange moves you can use from home to get that good "booty burn" and sculpt and lift your bum from home


Simple Trick To ENHANCE Your Booty Results

If you really want to MAXIMIZE your booty shaping progress... click on the video to the right and I'll show you this one simple trick that will speed up and enhance your results.


Determine Your Booty Type (Here's How)

So I get this question a lot. Which is, "Jessica, how do I determine my booty type?" Well, this quick video will give you the answer. So check it out now


2 Ways to Make Home Booty Workouts More Intense

In this video I'm sharing ways you can increase the intensity of your booty type workouts to keep things interesting and rewarding. 


Why Heavy Squatting Isn’t as effective at toning your butt

A lot of trainers claim that heavy weighted squats are the best way to tone your butt. This is NOT the case!....


How to Find Time for Booty Workouts

In this video I want to share 3 things you can do to make time for your booty workouts to ensure you get the best results possible...


Grow Your Glutes | My Two FAV Butt Exercises

Stephanie, our newest BTT Coach shares two of her favorite booty exercises that you can at home and doesn't require any equipment. Check it out...


My Two Favorite Inner Thigh Exercises

Stephanie, our newest BTT Coach breaks down two simple inner thigh exercises you can do from home without any equipment. Enjoy the video...


Best Exercise To Grow Your Glutes

In this video I'm sharing one of my favorite butt exercises, Glute Bridges. This exercise is safe for the knees and really targets and isolates the glutes without using the quad muscles...


Grow Your Booty Without Growing Your Thighs

I want to show you a couple of quick fixes you can do with your form to ensure your hard work results in a more toned booty rather than stronger thighs...


Booty Workout For Beginners

This is one of my favorite at home butt workouts and you won't need any equipment. It looks simple, but the exercises are really effective at helping you tone and lift your booty.


At Home Glute Workout

In this video Stephanie is going to walk you through a glute workout you can do at home with no equipment. Just follow along as Stephanie walks you through each exercise. 


3 Booty Mistakes To Avoid

In this video Jessica breaks down 3 common booty mistakes that lead to frustration. Learning how to avoid these mistakes can help speed up your results.


2 Minute Booty Workout

Olga shows you how to tighten and tone your booty at home in under 3 minutes...

And while this glute shaping workout may seem short and simple it's very effective at helping shape and lift that booty.


3 Ab Exercises You Can Do From Home

In this video, Stephanie shows you 3 of her favorite ab exercises you can do from the comfort of your home to help you tighten and tone up your tummy. No equipment needed.


2 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

In this video, Olga shares a quick and effective 2 minute home workout. Yup, 2 minutes. This workout is perfect when you have limited time so give it a go. No equipment is needed.


Melt Unwanted Belly Fat Fast Using HIIT

In this video, Stephanie shares a series of exercises that help to melt belly fat much quicker using a process called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Enjoy the video!


2 Stretches To Do After Your Booty Type Training Workout

Jessica shares two of her top stretches that you should do after EVERY Booty Type Training workout. It makes a big difference!


Talk Time - Let’s Chat About Protein

In this new video series called Talk Time, Stephanie breaks down why Protein is so important in helping you reach your fitness and health goals.


5 Simple Hamstring Stretches

In this new video, Stephanie shares 5 simple hamstring stretches you can do to help you become more flexible, prevent injury and a number of other benefits.


Talk Time - Let’s Chat About Cardio

In this new video in the Talk Time series, Stephanie shares her thoughts on cardio and answers a lot of the questions you may have about it.


4 Pushup Variations

In this new video Stephanie shares 4 of her favorite pushup variations and walks you through each one step by step. Pushups are great for toning the arms and building upper body strength.


Lower Ab Workout

In this new video, Jessica shares a great lower ab workout you can do right from the comfort of home. She will walk you through the entire workout, exercise by exercise so all you have to is follow along with her. Enjoy the video!


Exercises To Slim Upper Thighs Fast

In this video Jessica will share 4 of her favorite exercises for slimmer your upper thighs. These can all be done from home and all you have to do is follow along. You can easily add these exercises into your current routine.


Meal Prep Tips

In this video our trainer will share some great meal prep tips. Meal prepping is one of the most critical steps to living a healthy lifestyle and staying on track. You’ll discover some meal prepping tips to get you started.


4 Ways To Stretch The Quadriceps

In this video you’ll discover 4 ways to stretch your quadriceps. A lot of people forget about the importance of stretching and the benefits it can provide. Our trainer will walk you through each stretch step by step.


Total Body Glider Workout

In this video you’ll discover a really great glider workout that works the entire body. This simple piece of equipment can be really useful and worth adding to your collection. This workout can be done from the comfort of home.


Four Tricep Exercises You Can Do From Home

NEW - In this video you’ll discover four exercises you can at home to help develop your triceps. All you have to do is hit play and follow along.


Top 9 Back Fat Exercises

NEW - In this video you’ll learn four exercises you can do from the comfort of home to help eliminate stubborn back fat. All you have to do is follow along.


Nutrition Basics

NEW - In this video, you’ll discover some nutrition basics that will help you dial things in and can help you to slim down over time and live a healthier life.