Wave Goodbye To Arm Fat With These 5 Exercises

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner…

And soon your everyday wardrobe will consist of short sleeves, tank tops, and spaghetti straps.

Or in other words, it’s time to show off your arms!

But ladies, if we’re honest, for some of us, getting a nice shoulder tan doesn’t sound as exciting as it could be because, well, our arms have a little more jiggle than we’d like to admit.

But the good news is that with a few at-home exercises you can get rid of the jiggle and have the best-looking arms you’ve had in years!

And even better, I have 5 of these exercises here for you today.

So try these out and wave goodbye to that unwanted arm fat!

1. Tricep Dips

How To:

  • Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or stable chair. Slide your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended out in front of you.

  • Straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows to keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.

  • Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Keep your back close to the bench throughout the movement.

  • Once you reach the bottom of the movement, press down into the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position.

How Many:

  • Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions

Muscles Worked: Triceps


2. Diamond Push Ups

How To:

  • Get in the modified push-up position on your knees but with your hands together in a diamond position (spread your fingers so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond). Extend your arms so that you are now in the fully modified push-up position. This is your starting position.

  • Bend your elbows, lowering your chest toward the floor while keeping your back flat.

  • Press back up to full arm extension.

How Many:

  • Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Muscles Worked: Triceps, chest


3. One-Arm Side Push Ups

How To:

  • Lie on your left side with your knees slightly bent.

  • Place your left arm on your right shoulder.

  • Place your right hand on the floor with your elbow slightly bent and your palm facing downward. Push your torso up with your right arm by extending your arm until nearly in the locked position.

  • Switch sides and repeat.

How Many:

  • Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions per arm.

Muscles Worked: Triceps


4. One-Arm Superman Extension

How To:

  • Get into full push-up position. Straighten your arms and keep your toes pointed on the floor.

  • Slowly lift your right arm straight in front of you. Pause for 1 second.

  • Return arm to push up position.

  • Repeat with left arm.

How Many:

  • Perform 3 sets with 10 repetitions per arm, per set.

Muscles Worked: Triceps, deltoids


5. Arm Circles

How To:

  • Stand up straight and extend your arms straight out by the sides. The arms should be parallel to the floor. This is your starting position.

  • Slowly start to make circles of about 6 inches in diameter with each arm (simultaneously).

  • Continue the circular motion for about fifteen seconds. Then reverse the movement, going the opposite direction.

How Many: Perform 3 sets.

Muscles Worked: Deltoids


So there you have it...

An at-home workout that will have you waving goodbye to arm fat!

Perform these exercises consistently and with everything you’ve got and before you know it you’ll be excited to show off your beautiful arms this summer!