5 Little Known Superfoods For Fat Loss, Hair Health, and Beautiful Skin

Let’s take a look at these 5 little-known superfoods that are packed full of benefits and are packed into Athena Woman's Formula - what I’m convinced is the best supplement for women on the planet.

Pine Pollen

Pound for pound, pine pollen is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can put into your body.


It’s loaded with over 200 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that slow down the aging process, keep sickness at bay, and promote general wellness in everyday life.

Amino acids found in pine pollen are essential for healthy skin and long, flowing hair…

They’re responsible for repairing and nourishing your hair from the inside out, strengthening connective tissue so that your hair and skin look silky, smooth and sexy.

Pine pollen’s antioxidant properties also promote anti-aging.

A few other benefits to note are pine pollen’s ability to balance your hormones, increase your sex drive, and improve your mood and brain function.

Seabuckthorn Berry

This superfood definitely gets the award for the most fascinating name on the list…

But there’s more to it than just its name.

Seabuckthorn berry is being hailed as the newest fat loss aid for women.


Well, it’s one of the few natural resources of Omega-7 on the planet…

As a matter of fact, it’s the best resource of it.


Omega-7 helps you to get and stay slim by counteracting weight gain.

It does this by oxidizing fat that is unnecessary for your body to function, and in doing so, preventing it from being stored as weight gain.

Seabuckthorn berry is also rich in antioxidants, which of course is great for healthy looking skin...

It rejuvenates, nourishes, strengthens and repairs damaged skin so that no matter what comes your way, your skin will bounce back in no time at all.


Schisandra is a beautiful name…

And it matches its personality, too.

Schisandra has been regarded by women in Chinese medicine as a beauty tonic.

It protects your skin from sun exposure, harsh conditions, stressful circumstances and everything in between.

Also, Schisandra fights against free radicals that damage cells throughout your body, ranging from liver cells to skin cells while building up skin elasticity which makes for youthful, and attractive skin as you age.

Basically, this herb is a beauty must-have if you don’t want to worry about your skin health anymore...

Just leave it to the Schisandra to take care of your skin for you.


Goji berries are probably the most familiar of the superfoods on this list…

They’re loaded with beta-carotene, which promotes healthy-looking skin, so that, when paired with the other superfoods on this list, you’re looking at smooth and sexy skin that you never thought possible before.


Also, goji berries will increase your energy levels and regulate your digestive health, both of which are beneficial for fat loss.

With goji berries you’ll have newfound energy to get a workout in and also a healthy gut so that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary and uncomfortable bloating.

Much like the other superfoods on this list, goji berries also aid with fertility and overall feelings of wellness and a healthy mood.

Longan Fruit

Longan fruits are known for their skin supporting properties.

They’ve been found particularly to tighten skin near the eyes, keeping it from peeling or cracking…


Which is great considering that eyes are one of the most beautiful and telling traits of any person.

Longan fruit is also high in dietary fiber, which will keep your digestive tract healthy and your system running smoothly so that you can beat belly bloat.

It also contains various nutrients that hurry food absorption inside of your intestines…

Again, this helps you to shed unwanted fat or bloating so that you’ll look and feel your best.

So there you have them…

The 5 little known superfoods that promote fat loss, hair health and beautiful skin.


But I want you to note something as I close this article...

These are all separate superfoods…

To get all of these benefits, you’d have to go out and spend money on each individual supplement and then plan out how to get each one of them into your day…

But I have a better solution for you.

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